Good Home -Well Atmosphere

What makes a house a home is not the building of bricks and cement but the atmosphere of mutual love and respect inside the building.

It is true that love and affection is always present among the members of a family. Sometimes it gets faded with problems and frictions, but it never diminishes. To have a happy and harmonious family life certain precautions are very necessary:-

Helping and understanding on another

Each member of a family has responsibilities and cares. This applies particularly to the mother who is often very hard working. A lending to her hand to her can contribute substantially to the elders by doing whatever work allotted by them is very important for a good family life. There are several ways in which we can help the other members of the family. A glass of water to mummy when she comes back after a tiring day in the market, or helping her sort the clothes or vegetables, will certainly fill her heart with joy. Helping hand can be extended to daddy by keeping his drawers clean and even by completing our own home-work ion time. 

Keeping everything neat and tidy

Each member of the family should always leave the bathroom or dressing room neat and tidy. Dirty clothes lying ere and there do not make a very pleasant sight. They are not petty details. They are supremely important for the peace of the house. Do not stuff everything in the cupboard or inside drawers. This is not the proper way to work. Keep everything neatly, it will not only help you find things quickly but will also give you mental satisfaction and peace of mind. Always try to keep yourself organized. It will not only help you but also all your family members.

Desist from fault finding

Indirect criticism is always very painful and it does no do any good. If the child wants to pursue some hobby, which the parents do not approve of, they should talk and explain its negative impact on the child. The child should also listen to his parent?s advice and do accordingly. Simply finding fault with anything that the other family member does, will not improve matters at home. If you like to listen to slow, classical music, but your brother is fond of something fast, do not make fun of his choice. Respect and learn to enjoy what the other family members like.


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